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Rezension Hexbug 501762 – Elektronisches Spielzeug VEX Spider

The inner workings of our favourite Hexbugs has always baffled us. Although we can see the motors and brain of the insect from the outside, we have never fully understood exactly what does what. Now with the VEX Robotics Spider kit you can build your own giant Hexbug Spider from scratch, learning how each piece works as you go. To create this giant beast, (and when we say giant we mean GGGIIIAAANNNTTT) young and old innovators start by assembling the six orange legs for the creepy crawly. After some hard work connecting many pieces together, its time to bring the Spider to life by wiring up the brain to the LEDs, sensors and motors using the snap connectors and lastly attaching the brain to the body. Now you have an awesome robotic Spider that you have built all by yourself! Not only is the VEX Robotics Spider a fun and challenging kit to build, but it also teaches us about how robots work. Learning about motor signals, distance sensors and the centralized computer that powers the Spider has never been so much fun. Including over 350 snap together pieces, this kit is sure to keep you busy for a good few hours of building and then even more fun when your project is complete. Kids simply flip a series of switches on the robots brain allowing for quick experimentation with the 64 different programming options to determine how it reacts when the sensors are activated. Three separate drive modes are also included: Standard Driver Mode where you drive the robot with the remote control. Autonomous Mode where the robot navigates itself around using the sensors and our personal favourite, Crazy Mode! Crazy Mode which simulates the real, random wandering nature of a living creature.
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  • VEX Spider ist der Baukasten für eine Riesen-Roboter-Spinne
  • Über 350 Teile – inkl. 5 elektronischer Bauteile
  • Größe des zusammengebauten Modells: 37,1 x 32 x 37,4cm
  • Programmiereinheit mit 64 Programmoptionen, 2 Eingänge, 2 Ausgänge
  • 3 Antriebsarten (Standard, Autonom, Lebensecht)

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