Miles from Tomorrowland Photon Flyer

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Miles from Tomorrowland Photon Flyer

Built by Miles Calisto for a space race derby, the Photon Flyer has become Miles’ go-to mode of transportation. Miles can get anywhere in the galaxy in a flash with the superspeed of the Photon Flyer. All you need to do to activate hyperspeed mode is pull forward on the nose of the ship and race off after your target. You can turn on the hard light wings with the push of a button. If your race or mission requires surface exploration push back the hard light wings to drive around in surface mode.

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  • Transforms into 3 modes: Surface mode, Space mode, and Hyperspeed mode
  • Wings light up when in Space Mode
  • In hyperspeed mode, pull nose forward to reveal lasers
  • Place any extra gear in cargo hold on bottom of ship
  • Compatible with XVR System.Connect XVR from Stellosphere to amp up Photon Flyer with lights, sounds, and wings. (Stellosphere sold separately

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